10 Great Winter Poems Everyone Should Read

I think it is appropriate to share these winter poems with the weather we have had lately!

Interesting Literature

The best poems about winter from Shakespeare to Sylvia Plath

Winter is a-coming in, so how about some poetry to reflect the season of cold frosts and snowy landscapes? Whether it’s falling snow or cold evenings, poets have often been drawn to the wintry season. Here are ten of the best winter poems, from Thomas Hardy’s New Year meditation to Christina Rossetti’s classic Christmas carol. As you might expect, snow features heavily in many of these poems, so wrap up warm before you click on the links provided (on the title of each poem) and start reading. What do you think is the best poem about winter? Any suggestions? If you like these poems, check out our pick of the best anthologies of English poetry.

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The Adventure Continues

Dancing with Axis Dance company has been one of the most amazing things I have gotten to experience recently. I am so glad I got to do this and I am going to continue dancing, starting tonight with the Axis Dance Jam!

Before I head back home, I am going to do a bit more traveling up the West Coast. I am going to try to take more pictures and to maybe do some site specific dancing to post on here. My plan after that is to eventually launch my own integrative dance studio on the east coast. Please stay posted for that venture and the current traveling I am doing.

Thank you to all the amazing dancers, artists, and Axis for making this trip so fantastic!

@AxisDanceCompany #SummerIntensive2016

Site specific

Today we got to dance around beautiful Lake Merritt. (https://www.facebook.com/axisdancecomp/) It was an amazing exploration being outdoors on site and around the lake. The dance was divided up among five groups with each group positioned at a different place around the lake.

The groups really experimented incorporating different factors of the landscape into their dancing. Sometimes this included mimicking people passing by and sometimes it included using the structures in the area to build their dance. I so enjoyed viewing the other dancers and not only what they would do with each other but how they would interact with the site. Truly great dancing! @AxisDanceCompany #SummerIntensive2016

Axis Summer Intensive

The summer intensive for Axis Dance company (https://www.facebook.com/axisdancecomp/) is off to a wonderful start! We have been having a great time exploring different levels and types of movement and as the second day comes to a close myself and my fellow dancers are looking forward to performing outdoors tomorrow.

The outdoor performance is going to be a site specific piece that requires us to explore not only our surroundings and our relation to each other, but also our relationship to the audience. It is going to be an exciting challenge that I think everyone is ready to embrace.

And just in case it sounds like all we do is dance, my fellow intensive members and I took tonight to go visit San Francisco! We had a great time!

@AxisDanceCompany #Dance4All


I have now arrived safely in Oakland, CA and it does seem as if I packed too much. However, everyone in the area has been extremely kind and helpful. Despite getting a bit confused on which way I was going, the area has been fun to explore and navigate.

For the rest of today, I am going to rest from my travels, as tomorrow is the start of the dancing for me. I am looking forward to exploring again through the medium of dance and I am enthusiastic about interacting with the other dancers. Since I am getting tired, I will close with these pictures of cats that look like they are dancing.  #Dance4All @AxisDanceCompany 🙂



It is one day before I will be heading out to pursue my dreams of dancing with Axis Dance company. I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity and I am really looking forward to it!

I spent the day packing and I am actually relieved that my flight is long tomorrow so that I can have some time to reflect. I think this will be a meaningful journey for me, though I keep feeling like Bilbo Baggins! (I hope I did not pack too much!)


Stay tuned for more on the intensive! @AxisDanceCompany #Dance4All!



Summer Intensive

I just wanted to share another piece of my personal journey. I am going to be flying to California in a few days to pursue my dream of dancing. I am experiencing many emotions as I prepare and think about this trip, but the biggest thing I am feeling is just being in the moment and letting this experience be what it is and letting myself be who I am.

This is a huge step for me and a new approach to dancing. I was a former ballerina and took classes from the age of five. Dance meant everything to me and I was prepared to follow this road for the rest of my life. This was not the case and after two major spinal surgeries and a car accident where I broke my hip, it seemed like I might not dance again. I was crushed.

That was until I found out about an amazing company called Axis Dance company. Axis dance exists to “change the face of disability and dance” and I have the once in a life time opportunity to not only go and dance with them for the summer intensive, but to also audition to see if I fit in with the dance company. I am so honored to be part of this and I cannot believe that I am back doing something I love so much. I will continue to post as best I can as I am traveling and dancing, but please feel free to check out Axis Dance online! http://www.axisdance.org/


#Dance4all #SummerIntensive2016 @AxisDanceCompany

Keep following your dreams, you never know what path they will take you or how they later will meet you in your life.