Summer Intensive

I just wanted to share another piece of my personal journey. I am going to be flying to California in a few days to pursue my dream of dancing. I am experiencing many emotions as I prepare and think about this trip, but the biggest thing I am feeling is just being in the moment and letting this experience be what it is and letting myself be who I am.

This is a huge step for me and a new approach to dancing. I was a former ballerina and took classes from the age of five. Dance meant everything to me and I was prepared to follow this road for the rest of my life. This was not the case and after two major spinal surgeries and a car accident where I broke my hip, it seemed like I might not dance again. I was crushed.

That was until I found out about an amazing company called Axis Dance company. Axis dance exists to “change the face of disability and dance” and I have the once in a life time opportunity to not only go and dance with them for the summer intensive, but to also audition to see if I fit in with the dance company. I am so honored to be part of this and I cannot believe that I am back doing something I love so much. I will continue to post as best I can as I am traveling and dancing, but please feel free to check out Axis Dance online!

#Dance4all #SummerIntensive2016 @AxisDanceCompany

Keep following your dreams, you never know what path they will take you or how they later will meet you in your life.





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